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Octogenarian brings yoga from ukraine to lightning ridge

A young man from London is setting new records for strength and running. Peter Brown runs 4.38 miles on his bike in 40 minutes on a hot June morning. It's the first time Brown has run over 4 miles in 40 minutes – since he began training at U-Stone Road in August 2011. He was already world champion in the 50km (25.3km) long distance. Since then, Brown's performances have increased exponentially, with victories at the London Olympics (4.43), the New York 100 Mile Championship (4.43), and the World Championships (3.77). While many track athletes start the day out on track and then end it at the finish, Brown has no regrets about where he has been – running away from injury every single day.

"It has been a constant goal for the past three years to reach a 4.38-mile," Brown says. "It's been incredible with the injuries I've had the past three years. I've run to the finish line every single day and I feel great. I've never taken a break and this training program has made a huge difference for me."

In 2011, Brown started running from the age of three in the U.K. with the help of a coach – "I'd put them to sleep if they were running around for two weeks straight," he says. At the age of four, Brown, now 26 years old, started playing sports. "I loved soccer and baseball because I loved to run through the park." Now, as a senior in high school, Brown is competing in elite distance events – he's placed seventh at the New York City Marathon and 15th at the New York City Ironman. But despite his impressive performance in the marathon, Brown says the training for the marathon was not going quite to plan.

"I had been working to get to 4.39 but my form was just good, and I didn't feel good enough to complete it. It was kind of disappointing because I wanted to beat that now."

The road to 4.38

To get there, Brown started with a 4.39-mile cycle, where he did 6 miles per hour (4.19km/h) on flat ground. "I was pretty strong when I was a kid but I had to put up with injuries," he says. After six months, he was ready to move on to running for real. Brown was in the final year of his Bachelor of Science degree at U-Stone Road but was still not ready to enter the competitive field. In 2007, he applied to the U.K. Junior Road Racing Association (JRRA) which allowed him the chance to compete on their trials and was accepted.

The J
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